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Squirt & Scrub

1 qt


1 qt

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Cleaning Products

Squirt & Scrub™
daily bathtub cleaner
This penetrating liquid scouring and polishing compound quickly and easily removes soil, stubborn stains, grease, soap scum, heel and scuff marks from a variety of surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic tile, stainless steel, bathroom tile, sinks, enamel, pots and pans, chrome fixtures, metal hardware, woodwork, white wall tires and all other hard surfaces including fiberglass. Thick clinging action stays put on all surfaces reducing waste. Thoroughly cleans without scratching or leaving a slippery film.

Recommended Usage

  • Shake well before using.
  • Apply directly to surface or squeeze on to 3M pad, damp cloth or sponge.
  • For heavily embedded soil scrub with brush or abrasive pad.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


This powerful cleaner is most effective for removing resins, oils, inks, gums, dyes, and hard soap scum. Ultra-Clean is perfect for dissolving heavy deposits of oxidated waxes and polymers as well as thick layers of down-trodded greases. It also excels at cleaning baked on deposits of carbon soot. It is rust inhibited and is safe for cleaning all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its minimum foaming properties make it rinse easily. Contains no carbon tetrachloride or other chlorinated solvents (no napthas or benzenes).

Recommended Usage

  • Excellent for use in automatic scrubbing machines.
  • 1:85 Dilution For: Cleaning floors such as quarry, concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, magnesite oxycloride, vinyl, rubber, lockers, steel files.
  • 1:80 Dilution For: Cleaning glass fixtures, painted walls, lighting fixtures, skylights, windows and ceramic surfaces. Rinse immediately.
  • 1:16 Dilution For: Wax Stripping and rubber heel marks on asphalt tile, rubber, vinyl, terrazzo and all other types of floors with floor machine. For heavy deposits allow dilution to remain on area for 5 minutes. Rinse freely with warm water.
  • 1:16 Dilution For: Aluminum sash and doors, boats, pipes, motors, shells, and electrical motors, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • 1:16 Dilution For: Pressure washing floors, driveways, buildings, boats, trucks.
  • 1:8 Dilution For: Cleaning showers, swimming pools, greasy floors and wooden mats. Also for removing ink on presses, walls, and floors.
  • 1:3 Dilution For: Kitchen cleaning such as ovens, deep fat fryers, and flues. Conveyors, engines, exhaust stains, machinery, metal stock and welding equipment.